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Turn Key Engineering
Within the high tech industry we have produced projects involving PCBA boards, enclosures, plastic molding, sheet metal fabrication, wafer machine design, high vacuum, and physics labs, and neutron reactor facilities. We are involved with the packaging industry, designing parts and machinery for roll-fed machines, case erectors and cardboard wax impregnators. We have covered design projects and manufactured parts for the automotive and printing industries. From CAD drafters and photo ready rendering artists to registered engineers, we are available 24-7, on-site and off-site, domestic or internationally.

Our Targets

Turnkey Prototypes
Limited Production Runs
Experienced Coordination with Electronic Design and Layout Engineering

Our Experience

Plastic Molding
Custom Sheet Metal Design
Tooling for High Volume Production
Roll Fed Labeling
High Tech Labs
Neutron Reactor Facilities
Materials Testing
High Vacuum
Wafer Chip Manufacturing
Printing Presses
Automotive Parts, Manufacturing & Assembly
Capital Equipment Design


On-Site and Off-Site
Domestic and International


(408) 390-3460